You know that you should be filing estimated taxes. Otherwise, why would you be here? Let's figure it out, together!

I'm David Stonehill, the go-to numbers attorney. I'm the problem solver who will save you both time and money.

I'm involved in all kinds of professional activities, the common thread being that it involves numbers, it's technical, and I'm good at it. I like the people I work with, and, most importantly, I like helping my clients overcome legal obstacles and difficult situations. I find those important and buried details that everyone else misses.

For 35 years, I have practiced law based in Cincinnati, Ohio. I work with a nationwide network of attorneys, CPAs, EAs and other professionals. This kind of practice would not be possible without secure Internet technologies and, as Hunter S. Thompson would call it, a "mojo wire," i.e., a simple scanner/fax machine.

I have this coast-to-coast federal income tax practice focusing on all aspects of the taxation of cancellation of debt income reported on IRS Form 1099-C. I maintain a comprehensive informational website, 1099advisor.com (which is undergoing major updates over the next several months).

I advise clients from California to New Hampshire, Michigan to Florida about how to eliminate or minimize the impact of cancellation of debt income. CODI arises from the restructuring of debt, loan modification agreements, the disposition of bad real estate deals and the elimination of excessive personal debt. In other words, all the bad fallout from the past 8 years. I have frequently lectured on the topic.

In Ohio, I also practice real estate and debtor/creditor law, I advise small businesses, start-ups and non-profits. I negotiate workouts. I help clients avoid the awful consequences of declaring bankruptcy. I doggedly defend property owners against adverse foreclosure actions and volunteer at the Cincinnati Legal Aid Society.

In September, 2014, I've become a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®. This certification is a logical extension of the tax work which I currently do for my clients in divorce situations. I'm a member of the Cincinnati Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

I offer referral services for credit score improvement and bad debt removal. This service is a must for anyone borrowing money, applying for a job, and dealing with life after a major financial setback, like divorce or reporting cancellation of debt income. Information about this indispensable service is at credit-score-advisor.com

As of October 1, 2015, I've launched this website, 1040advisor.com to fill an unfortunate void which exists in divorce matters for those receiving alimony. My firm now offers a service to calculate federal and state estimated income taxes, with quarterly vouchers and timely follow-up, all for a reasonable fee.

There's personal information about me at davidstonehill.com or click here to check out my LinkedIn profile. I am licensed to practice law by the Ohio Supreme Court, so click here to check me out on its website. My attorney number is 0031909. I carry $1,000,000/$2,000,000 in malpractice insurance, but have never, ever, had a claim or grievance.

Illegitimi non carborundum,
Dave Stonehill
David N. Stonehill, Attorney-at-Law
Tax Advisor and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®
David N. Stonehill Co., LPA
Founder, 1099advisor.com

Revised: October 1, 2015